Since the Industrial Revolution, maximizing profit often comes at the expense of the environment. While some areas of West Virginia are being bulldozed, dynamited and filled in, and pristine habitat lost forever, some people are trying to make a difference.

The Fen at Glade Run is a 10 lot development covering 65 total acres. The ten lots form a horseshoe shape, gently sloping toward the common area at the center of the property. This 30-acre common area is to be enjoyed by all residents, while providing sustainable habitat for the abundant wildlife. Work proceeds on implementing plans for a small lake to enhance the existing wetlands. When complete, the fish-filled, spring-fed lake should entice more diverse species to take up residence at the Fen.

Building covenants and restrictions are in place and designed not to be hardships for homeowners, but as guidelines for activities. This ensures that residents are willing to be of “like mind” and act in unison where environmental issues are concerned. The Homeowners Association has the standard generic by-laws to initially govern it, and a nominal yearly fee for use in offsetting costs such as snow removal, forest management, maintenance and taxes. When The Fen at Glade Run Homeowners Association (FGRHA) meets, the future of The Fen and all its inhabitants will be in their hands.

Whether interested in full time residence or a vacation or retirement home, if your heart leans toward green this could be the perfect place for you. All lots are wooded, and tree variety is diverse. Invasive species are not a problem; russian olive is present but controlled. Food trees are in abundance on the common acreage, with crabapple, hawthorn, pine, oak, cherry, beech and poplar feeding a variety of animal species. Whitetail deer, turkey, three varieties of squirrel—gray, red & fox, mink, groundhog, red fox, raccoon, opossum, skunk, moles, mice, shrew, are some of the known residents & visitors. Many birds, lizards, crawfish, insects, ring neck garter snakes & black snakes also live at The Fen.